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  • Front parts shops
    City Glass Design executes and assembles secured glass shop windows for commercial spaces. The shop windows can be executed on the aluminium profiles or on metal structure. The glass can be secured,

  • Our Products  »  Safety glass rails
    ... for your safety which can be used both in external and internal spaces. This can be executed from secured or laminated glass with different thickness and hitched systems.The glass can be ...

  • Glass partitions
    Secured glass partitions for offices let us divide and use open spaces more efficient maintaining the natural light and giving in the same time privacy for every office. The glass can be

  • Glass doors
    ... commercial spaces and houses. Safety glass doors can be self-closing and sliding; the glass is secured or laminated and can be personalized through different models and ...

  • Our Products  »  Coloured glass covering
    ... equipment, etc. and it can be used for the exterior part of commercial spaces.The glass is secured which gives it a maximum level of ...

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